Radar.cloudflare.com Bug report

I’d like to report a bug at BGP Hijack details page. For example: https://radar.cloudflare.com/routing/anomalies/hijack-23691

Hijacker AS
AS47160 - IHS GLOBAL SP. Z O.O. https://radar.cloudflare.com/as47160
Victim ASNs
AS203698 - MOJI SAS https://radar.cloudflare.com/as203698

However, if you click the AS47160 link in the details you can see that this is not IHS GLOBAL but moji (just another AS).

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Hey @bartek2, really appreciate your bug report!

From a quick glance, this seems to be a issue of incorrect/inconsistent ASN to organization name translation. We will investigate this issue, and get back to you as soon as we can!



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