Rackspace DNS Records disappear


I have recently moved my hosting to Cloudways, where I have used Rackspace as my email provider. I have been given 4 Rackspace email DNS records to add to Cloudflare, which I did.

They include two MX, TXT, and CNAME records.

The problem is that they will keep disappearing. It seems like Cloudflare is removing them, which is causing my emails to stop working.

On top of that, after they have been removed, I’m getting the following message telling me to add an MX record so my emails can reach me.

Add an MX record for your root domain so that mail can reach @ xxxxxxxx.com addresses.

May I ask what I should do and why these 4 records are being removed?

Cloudflare only removes them by user request. Your Audit Log at the top of dash.cloudflare.com will show what’s causing it. Ususally it’s because people use Ezoic, which is notorious for this.


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