Rackspace Cloudflare Bundle

We have an account through Rackspace that bills us for Cloudflare through Web Application Firewall integration. We are moving away from Rackspace and have decommissioned all servers and moved the sites to another SP. We still use Cloudflare for DNS many domains that we maintain. We want to continue to use CF but I cannot reach anyone at Cloudflare for support on this issue. Has anyone else had this issue and had it resolved? I have put in a number of support tickets and also reached out to sales. Anyone have any advice on who to reach out to. Rackspace is telling me to talk to CF since we want to keep their service. Help!

What issue is it that you’re having with this? Are you on a partner CNAME setup and trying to move to a Full DNS setup or something else? You should be able to add the domain to your existing Cloudflare dashboard or, if it’s already there as a partial partner setup, remove it and re-add it and change the nameservers.

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