Rabbithole: 403 errors then where to enter RayID

I started getting 403 errors trying to access my website that goes through Cloudflare for DNS. Proxy is on.

Other PCs CAN get to the website. Then I realized the problem PC has ExpressVPN which was running.

Turning off the VPN, I can get to the website OK.

I thought the 403 error pages were from the webhosting co. The hosting co says that VPN address is not on their blocklist.

Looking at page source, the 403 page looks like it was made by cloudflare / has a rayID.

All the HTML shows is 403: Prohibited openresty.

  1. Could the 403 page be coming from Cloudflare?
  2. how can you see what inquiries were blocked by cloudflare? Are there detailed logs available on free accounts? I found an audit log about user activity on the dashboard, but no detailed web info. Just nice summary graphs.
  3. Can you tell me where do you enter RayIDs for more info? Any googling comes up with (out of date?) answers that don’t work / I can’t find? WAP logs? Activity logs? I can’t find either of those.

Go to your security events log and you can search for the ray ID there…

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Thanks! I meant to mention that. I am logged in to cloudflare. I click on that link - i found it on several pages asking about finding rayid details.

When I click on the liink, it opens on the website page of my dashboard asking what website I want to work with.

Searching for security or events or log on this page, I see security center on left but no event log…

Clicking on a specific website, OK, now I see security event log. THANKS!

  1. But history only goes back 1 day on free account? Paid plans can go back farther?

  2. It shows 3 entries from Russia from 3/31/24 around 7PM but doesn’t say what time zone that is. My express vpn IP address isn’t any of those and I was trying to get to the site around noon eastern time on 4/1.
    Expanding those 3 entries, the rayID I have on the 403 page isn’t on any of those 3 entries.

  3. Would you know of cloudflare issues these vague 403 pages?

  4. I guess my express vpn IP address changed, 'cause now I can get to my website fine : (


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