R2 - Video doesn't play until whole video file is downloaded when using Cloudflare proxy?

Hey everyone. I started using Cloudflare R2. I have a large video object(4.5GB and 100 minutes). When I allow public access to bucket and use r2[dot]dev domain to fetch file, video plays instantly without downloading whole file. But If I disable public access and add domain to my bucket and load file using my own domain (which is proxied through Cloudflare) video playback is not started until whole 4.5gb is downloaded which is not desired outcome. Currently I only have 1 page rule for that domain which is caching everything. How can I solve this issue? Is there some headers missing?

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May I ask if you’re using Google Chrome too? :thinking:

Since it’s so large video file, from my experience and practice, I’d rather split it into the smaller .ts files, therefore create .m3u8 list with them and upload it to Cloudflare R2, therefore play it. That way Google Chrome wouldn’t have to download, no waiting time, easy to skip/jump where and when I want to, etc.

Otherwise, I’d use Cloudflare Stream.

But same video works just fine if I don’t proxy video through Cloudflare and use r2[dot]dev domain. I suspect that something is wrong with proxying.

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