R2 via SFTP

Hello. I need to be able to access R2 using the SFTP protocol from a legacy application. Can R2 be accessed via SFTP?

Hi there, thanks for your question!

No, unfortunately R2 cannot be accessed by SFTP. It is only accessible over the S3 protocol and Cloudflare Workers.

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Thanks for the reply. The legacy application cannot use the S3 API, only SFTP.

However, I found a tutorial (https://sftpcloud.io/learn/storages/how-to-access-cloudflare-r2-via-sftp-ftps) describing how to access Cloudflare R2 via SFTP (and FTP) and it works for my use case.

Thanks again for your answer :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for sharing this! It looks like a third party service bridging R2 to SFTP, very nice integration :slight_smile:

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