R2 unreliable? Internal errors

I am experiencing many “We encountered an internal error. Please try again.” 5xx errors when trying to use R2 with backup tools like restic (e.g. “Save(<data/3578280506>) returned error, retrying after 711.218198ms: client.PutObject: We encountered an internal error. Please try again.”). This already caused a corrupted backup repository - is that a known issue or something wrong on my side?


I’d recommend joining the Discord (Cloudflare Developers) where the R2 team is very active and can help you out :slight_smile:

Cloudflare R2 definitely shouldn’t be throwing internal errors but the fact that it caused a corrupt backup repository sounds like a client issue. IMO any robust backup software should be able to gracefully handle errors by retrying and eventually rolling back to a known-good state.

It looked like a PUT was acknowledged, but missing later, so I can’t really blame the client that data blocks are missing if this is the case. But I’ll do as @WalshyMVP suggested and have a look at discord :slight_smile:

Interesting. It’s not good if a PUT was acknowledged with 200 OK but the object wasn’t actually written. I would mention this on Discord as well as it’s arguably a bigger problem than the internal errors.

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