R2 storage costs for temporary files

Our intended usage of R2 involves storing about 5TB of data each day but that data is not stored for any longer than 24 hours, as once it is downloaded by a 3rd party tool it is deleted, which is where the zero egress cost comes in handy

As storage is charged on GB-month, and the examples given in the billing documentation are…

Storing 1 GB for 30 days will be charged as 1 GB-month.
Storing 2 GB for 15 days will be charged as 1 GB-month.

I’m not sure what I should expect to be charged, 5000 GB-month or 30 x 5000 GB-month

Any ideas?

If each day you’re deleting the data and also replacing it with another 5TB of data, then you’ll always have 5TB used and that would be 5000 GB-month.

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