R2 S3 compat doesn't support .net sdk for copy operations due to tagging header

While the copy operation will happily ignore the metadata directive it does not ignore “x-amz-tagging-directive” and throws an error. This is a problem for the S3 .NET SDK which automatically adds a “x-amz-tagging-directive: COPY” header to copy requests, resulting in a 501 error of “Header ‘x-amz-tagging-directive’ with value ‘COPY’ not implemented”.

Would be nice to be able to copy without downloading and reuploading using the SDK.


This is a known issue that the R2 team are aware of and are working to fix.

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Thanks @Erisa. FYI for others: I was able to work around this eventually but needed to create a custom AmazonS3Client that injected our own handler into the pipeline right before the signing to remove the headers causing an issue.

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Hi we have the same issue also using the S3 Jenkins Plugin also if the header has a empty value. It seems to be rejected by the R2 endpoint so we are not able to upload.

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Can you point me on how to implement this? Any help is greatly appreciated.