R2 problem with og:image Facebook

I’ve been using the R2 service to store photos for a website (offload media). Everything went smoothly for a year, but starting today, a problem has occurred with sharing posts on Facebook: the image file of the post is not being displayed. In Facebook’s debugger tool, for all URLs, the following error appears: The provided og:image URL, {correct URL to the accessible image}, has an unknown error.
Is there a known issue between R2 and Facebook currently? Is there anything I can do to resolve this issue? Thank you.

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Can you provide a sample URL with the og:image tag so we can take a look?

Have the same problem with my website, the facebook page was hacked and since I retrived the account back the featured images stopped displaying while sharing on the facebook and facebook debugger is showing a grey image.

Sample URL: https://arabcollector.com/موسوعة-المراسم-المصرية/