R2 performance / ops per second

What can R2 handle? During beta, R2 had limits of 250 A operations per second and 1000 B operations per second, but what is capable of now?

I’ve seen a few questions about the same topic, but they go unanswered. It’s a bit difficult to build anything big on Cloudflare, when they omit key information like this.


Curious as well, also how to “design” prefixes for optimal performance, do the same rules like aws s3 apply or how do they differ?
I mean in general I expect them to be pretty similar, but regarding in this SO answer I read

S3 prefixes used to be determined by the first 6-8 characters;

Not even sure this is or ever was correct, I think it at least isn’t relevant anymore, but is CF doing sthg like this?

My current plan is to prefix user files like


any issues with that or sthg I should improve/consider?