R2 Object Versioning and Replication

At the moment R2 is a very attractive option for Storage however I’m not totally sold on it. It would be great if R2 supported:

  • Object Versioning
  • Replication

I know that R2 has a high durability but that doesn’t stop people from making mistakes. I would love to know that I can always restore from a previous version or a backup.


We are also considering R2, the only thing stopping us at the moment is the lack of Object Versioning.


We went with R2 but than realized that we need versioning and it’s not supported. We will need to go to S3. Luckily the API is compatible.

This is really needed feature

I assume some replication is already happening, especially on the hot objects, but we had to resort to “backing up” everything to GCP, so we can restore to previous version(s) of objects we need to recover ;(

Object Versioning as a form of backup would be a great thing to have. We currently use S3’s versioning feature to hold on to deleted objects for a year before finally deleting them. Is it on the roadmap?