R2 Object Storage Performance

Hi All.

Some time ago i signed up for R2 Object Storage early beta program
but did not get any further information and still wait to try out Cloudflare R2 Object Storage
for my website.

From what i have read it was written that R2 is on pair with the S3 performance.

But i have also read that R2 distignuish between frequently and infrequently requested objects which i guess probably means that infrequently requested objects will have a bad performance like with the KV Database.

My Question is does anybody has some information about the R2 performance for requently and infrequently requested objects in the size of max 4kB as a example by a worker?

I have looked on the Internet for S3 Performance and based on this benchmark here
about 90% of all requested Objects are fetched ( Time to first Byte TTFB)
in less than 20 ms most even in less than 10 ms.

I am asking me if infrequently requested objects in R2 from a worker
will be as fast requested (Time to First Byte) in less than 20 ms as with S3.

If yes that would be the best Solution for me that i need right now.

Thanks in advance for any informations related to R2 time to first byte performance inside a worker.

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R2 hasn’t even hit public beta yet. I can’t imagine that anybody who’s testing R2 right now is allowed to publish benchmarks. Especially since they’re still working on it.


Hi @sdayman

Thank you very much for your fast reply and helpful answer.

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