R2 not showing files

So I have attempted to upload files using the S3 API, upload said successful but looking in the web interface no files show in my bucket, it does show it’s using 32GB but no files. Trying to list files via S3 API, no files show in the bucket either. I can’t delete the bucket either because it says not empty, but I have no files listed to delete…

Which operation did you use to upload the files?

I used Cyberduck. I tested trying to upload a 200MB file and that worked, but a 1GB file does not.

Edit: Just tested with a 500MB file and that worked, it shows up and can be deleted, but the other files still can’t. At this point I really just want to delete the bucket completely…

If you’re seeing “ghost” usage then it sounds like Cyberduck started a multipart upload but didn’t complete (or abort) it gracefully so you have a in-progress upload hanging around.

If it’s still the case in an hour or so and still doesn’t show up, that’s likely the case and it might automatically clean-up the upload within a week - not 100% sure if that lifecycle has been implemented.

It’s only been a few hours now but just annoying when things don’t work as expected. I hope it does clear out.

The same scenario would happen on S3 if a multipart upload wasn’t handled gracefully - the only difference is that S3 has ListMultipartUploads for you to cancel it yourself whereas R2 is still in beta and hasn’t implemented that operation yet.

I’m only speculating that it is related to an in-progress multipart upload, I don’t have the insight that support would have. You can open up a ticket with them and see what they can see on their side.

I tried to open a ticket and it wouldn’t let me, told me to ask in the community. Thank you for jumping in, obviously R2 being beta I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought it would be nice to give a try.

Edit: Just opened a ticket up account issues, technical issues wouldn’t let me. Sadly I feel like the support system for Cloudflare is lacking in a lot of areas compared to their competitors…

Here it is next day and still showing space used and no files yet…

ListMultipartUploads has now been implemented (on a beta level) - you should be able to use something like rclone backend cleanup to remove any abandoned ones.

Thank you, I tried that yesterday and it didn’t show anything. I just tried it again and I could see all the files. They are finally deleted. This really is beta. Thank you so much, you’re better support than their actual support. I used cyber duck and clicked show hidden which I did yesterday as well but today they showed up.

That’s because yesterday ListMultipartUploads wasn’t implemented yet. But today it was :slightly_smiling_face:

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