R2 "move failed" "size not fit in an int" when renaming a file

When renaming a large file (over 1GB) with the AWS S3 CLI i’m getting the error message:

aws s3 --endpoint-url=https://xxx.r2.cloudflarestorage.com/ --profile r2 --region=auto mv s3://paht/to/file.rar s3://path/to/file.rar

move failed: s3://paht/to/file.rar to s3://path/to/file.rar size does not fit in an int

Google has zero results for this error message so i’m stumped :man_shrugging:

Sounds like it’s just an error from the aws s3 tool itself - assuming it’s a Python tool since that’s what all the results for size does not fit in an int are from.

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It might just be the file is too big for the tool to handle… It seems very big if it doesn’t fit in an int, but it depends on the unit they use.

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