R2 metrics question


I was wondering if every time i try to see how many operations were completed for the bucket, it also lists my objects in the webui.
Is this operation again counted towards my billing?

If yes, shouldn’t this be outside of my bucket to know the buckets use stats?

The way to list bucket stats is using the GraphQL API.

Honestly it makes sense when its big enough, however hardly using 1gig of assets and just looks too much to deploy the stack to just see that.
My point being shouldn’t the stat be outside the bucket so that i know what my usages are?

The stats are available with the GraphQL API but I get your point. Maybe make a post in Feature Request Submitting & Feedback asking for it.

Just breaking it down, but it counts as 1 class A operation which is $0.0000045 after the free limit.

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