R2 is get too slow

Hi, I was exited to move to R2 considering Cloudflare’s reputation it should be fast. However when testing things out, it seems I can’t get below 350ms server response times, that doesn’t include the download time.

after caching it of course works fast, but the initial download from r2 is what’s making it slow.
To reproduce:

  • create r2 bucket
  • add domain
  • upload some image (in my example around 55kb)
  • use browser to download file via the domain url.
  • initial server response time is always between 350 - 650 milliseconds
  • after cached response time is around 60ms.

My location is in Singapore, but I think that doesn’t matter since I got about the same results with a vpn testing from various other countries in the region.

I also have s3 storage set up from amazon and linode. Both have initial response times below 100ms with a similar set up.

Is there something that I need to set more to make it work faster?

R2 is slow and (probably) will remain that way for a long time. Locations might be playing a role since files aren’t stored on all pops.

I moved from R2 to S3 for similar reasons, with R2 the speed wasn’t great and the bandwidth usage I have isn’t as bad to stop me from using S3.

You can cache the assets of R2 and attempt to keep the cache warm for as long as possible. I don’t know if this will get your account locked due to 2.8 but… that might work :person_shrugging:.


Thanks, that’s all I needed to know.

Nice profile pic. :smile:

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