R2 integration with CDN

I’m considering moving our application assets to R2, but I’m not entirely clear on the proper way to use the service. Our assets are currently stored on S3 and served through a CDN. Once R2 buckets are accessible to the web (rather than only via workers), will there be any need to have a CDN in front of R2 buckets? The zero egress fees and global distribution features lead me to believe that I should be serving assets directly from the buckets to my end-users, with no CDN in-between, but I’m not 100% sure on that.

I’ve also noticed that the Cloudflare R2 product page lists Integration with Cloudflare’s CDN as a key feature, but I can’t find any further info on this in the docs… Are all R2 objects served via the Cloudflare CDN, or does this “integration” only refer to the integration between R2 and Workers?

Any insight would be great! Thanks.

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