R2 in production mode

I saw R2 service in my Dashboard.

I would like to use Cloudflare Pages to host my frontend app, and I will probably use Render to host my backend. I also need a storage, so it would be great if I don’t need to use third provider for it.

When I checked the docs, I understood that R2 is an alternative to Amazon s3. Is it known when it will be pushed to production?

When I upload something to R2, will that be delivered to all data centers and be quickly available to all customers globally?

R2 has only recently gone into open beta - I believe previous public communications said that general availability will be in the 2nd half of this year but there’s no exact timelines.

The focus recently in this stage of the open beta has been on performance as far as I’m aware but the exacts on replication isn’t documented or public. I expect it to be worked on and improved as time goes on, but I wouldn’t say it’ll be replicated to every data center for the near future.