R2 HTTP Multiplexed concurrent request limit

I am benchmarking Cloudflare R2 using h2load, and when using HTTP/2, if I send 75 or more concurrent requests on a single TCP connection (h2load’s -m option), then Cloudflare closes the TCP connection without responding. Note that these are HTTP/2 multiplexed requests being sent in parallel. If I use HTTP/1 pipelining, there seems to not be a limit.

For example:

h2load -n1000 -c1 -m74 https://example-r2-bucket/file

works no problem, but:

h2load -n1000 -c1 -m75 https://example-r2-bucket/file

does not respond to any requests and closes the connection immediately.

Is this limit of 75 documented anywhere? Is there any way I can increase this limit?

Thank you!

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