R2 Domain Limit


I have a single R2 bucket where I’d like to use it for multiple customers.

Each customer will have their own subdomain:

  • customerAName.example.com
  • customerBName.example.com
  • ...
  • customerZName.example.com

In the R2 bucket Settings I can give domain access to these subdomains and they will then have a corresponding DNS entry:

  • TypeNameContent

  • CNAME…customerA1Name…public.r2.dev

  • CNAME…customerB1Name…public.r2.dev

  • CNAME…customerZ1Name…public.r2.dev

Question: Is there a limit to the # of R2 domains I can bind to?

I’ve read that Free plans have a limit of 1000 DNS entries and Pro/Business have a limit of 3500 DNS entries. Does this mean that the R2 also has the 1000/3500 limit?



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