R2 dashboard shows different files than when I access the same bucket using API via S3FS

I can connect to a R2 bucket using API via S3FS, and can write and read files without issue. When I login to Cloudflare, the R2 dashboard does not show the files I upload via S3FS earlier. I waited a day thinking maybe it just needs time to refresh, yet same after one day of waiting… When I try to upload files via the dashboard directly, it uploaded fine. However, when I list the bucket files via API using S3FS, the file I uploaded via the dashboard is not shown. The bucket is the same, yet the files are different. It is as if the files are store at different bucket or something… however I only have one R2 bucket set up in my account. This is weird. Also, the bucket size and stat do seem to update properly in the dashboard. I guess R3 is still just a beta product, but this (bug or feature?) seem odd. I wonder where I my files went to.

I meant bucket size and stat do NOT seem to update properly

Actually, it seems S3FS wasn’t mounted properly to the R2 bucket. I can mount to AWS S3 okay. The files that I uploaded thinking they will go to the R2 bucket actually just went to the local folder on my computer instead. Going to do more testing.