R2 dashboard abnormality (bucket not displayed)

About an hour and a half ago, when I logged into the R2 dashboard to create the bucket, everything was fine. Due to issues with the data storage area, I deleted the bucket I just created. Then I immediately created another bucket.

Then, when I returned to R2’s overview page, I was surprised to find that there were no buckets under my account.

I have bound a domain name to the bucket I just created, so I can see it in the DNS records under the domain name.

And if I click through the link here, I’m able to see that bucket.

If I try to create a bucket with the same name, it prompts me that something is wrong instead of already existing.

When I try to create an API key that can only read and write to the specified bucket, I don’t see anything here either.

I uploaded the latest built application to R2 via Actions on GitHub for users to download. The GitHub Actions log shows that the upload was successful, but there is no corresponding file in the bucket. I tried to access it directly through the URL again, but still couldn’t get the file.

I would like to know what causes this. This doesn’t seem to be caused by my problem.

(I apologize for not being able to insert multiple detailed images into the post, even though they were uploaded while editing. Cloudflare Community does not allow new users to do this.)

I tried putting pictures in the reply area that couldn’t be inserted in the original post.

2024-04-16 174631