R2 Custom domains status unknown

Hi when setting my custom domain on my R2 bucket, the status just shows as unknown. I am using prefix.[domain].com. The “prefix” subdomain had no prior DNS record set before using the R2 dashboard.

The subdomain has been automatically set-up by R2, but it doesn’t appear as active on this one.
Here’s what i get when I try to access my subdomainl

On any Cloudflare app, each time I try to set a custom domain, an error happen, and the custom domain failed to be created (even though the CNAME seems to be added to my DNS Records).
my domain is voilà.app
and my subdomains: admin.voilà.app, public.voilà.app, private.voilà.app

@erisa-cf as you already fixed a very similar issue here.

@WalshyMVP Who has also already solved this kind of issue by the past.