R2 Custom Domain + Website with Cyrillic letters in name

I have uploaded data to R2 account and want to make it public using Custom Domain name. The domain name that includes Cyrillic symbols is already added to Cloudflare Websites.
When I type the domain name in the Custom Domains setting field in R2 it says Please enter a valid domain. which suggest the domain name is not valid. When I type it using punny code version it says That domain was not found on your account. which suggests it doesn’t understand the connection between punny code version and the domain name itself.
I have also tried using CNAME DNS setting to redirect the domain name to R2 public url manually and it shows a error page suggesting that Cloudflare doesn’t support redirects between accounts in Cloudflare.
I believe there is an issue in the way how the domain names are connected to R2. Could someone please help solving it?

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