R2 CORS issue

I found in this community a couple of posts which describe this post same issue…

I’m successfully generating pre-signed urls (when I try them with curl the files are perfectly uploaded to R2), but once a JS client app inside a browser tries to upload it, it is blocked by the CORS policy of the bucket.

I used the AWS put-bucket-cors API to send a CORS policy json to the bucket and by using get-bucket-cors -i’m able to retrieve it (I can see the json file itself uploaded to the bucket too), BUT te JS client upload still fails.

I believe this s an important isue which must be addressed ASAP, given also the number of posts without an answer on this very same subject.

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Found this article which has helped in solving the CORS issue: https://kian.org.uk/configuring-cors-on-cloudflare-r2/

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Did you get it working with CORS and signed URL Upload through the browser? Which URL do you use for access, a public bucket or an assigned domain access?

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