R2 cloudflarestorage Authorization issue


I want to add object in r2 storage using API.

All time I face error “SignatureDoesNotMatch”.

The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your secret access key and signing method.

secret api key is correct. API working fine in postmap. But it’s not working in my node js project.

is there any method to generate Authorization OR Signature?

Can you please share the any documentation or example for it?

Thank you.


Sorry to hear you are having issues with this. Have you tried to use Rclone to manage your r2 instance? This allows you to via API.


thanks for your reply.

I have not try for it.

Are you sure Rclone will work?

in postman cloudflarestorage api working fine. Only issue with signature.

How to use rclone on NodeJS?
Are there any ready-made solutions?

Thank you.