R2 + CDN: pricing & ToS

Hello Cloudflare,

I would like to ask about combination of R2 + CDN.

I would like to host 1-2TB images/files in R2 and serve them to our customers. I assume there will be 30-50TB traffic/month. Maybe 100TB/month in the future.

Is it OK to combine R2 with the CDN or is it agains the ToS? Do I need paid plan for CDN or can be on free plan? I would like to cache all the assets for our web users to max saving and performance.

Thank you for advice.

Best regards.

R2 is fine for video/large files, you can use CDN & cache them as well (if it fits your use case/fits in cache) Goodbye, section 2.8 and hello to Cloudflare’s new terms of service

Finally, we made it clear that customers can serve video and other large files using the CDN so long as that content is hosted by a Cloudflare service like Stream, Images, or R2.

You’d be paying for R2, but other then that, no paid plan required. It may be worth keeping in mind that the max per file cache size is 512 MB, and any higher then that, even with R2, just won’t be cached, and would be pulled from R2’s Origin.

At high volumes, you may have a sales rep reach out to you, but it is my understanding that as long as you are within the terms of service, they won’t/can’t force you to upgrade.

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