R2: Calculation for Class A and B operations way higher than expected

I just signed up for R2 Storage and tested it with an app I’m currently developing. I’m using the AWS SDK with a Node backend. I added a file with the s3.upload method then deleted the file and uploaded it once more.

The below screenshot shows 28 Class A operations and keeps going up. I have two Class B operations as well. Maybe I don’t understand exactly how these numbers are calculated but something seems way off for only 2 Uploads and a Delete with a 6mb file. Any insight is appreciated!

The storage calculations & which operations are A or B are detailed in Pricing · Cloudflare R2 docs

I’ve gone through that pricing and the way the class A operations are adding up doesn’t align. Unless viewing the bucket in the Cloudflare R2 dashboard UI is counting as ListBuckets and ListObjects operations every time I refresh or visit the R2 dashboard.

Dashboard file listing is Class A, yeah.

That’s calling the dashboard/client API to list your files which maps to a Class A operation on R2’s end.

Ok, then that makes a lot more sense. Thanks for the clarification!

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