R2 Bucket with own Domain

Hi everyone
I have a question, is possible change R2 Bucket domain to a own domain?

43312312dxrandomcode21321cool . r2 . cloudflarestorage . com <<< to >>> cdn-objects . domain . com

My bad solutions

I tryed changing CNAME of my domain and it give me ERROR 1014
I bought another domain but, this time i used different DNS(not a Cloudflare DNS) and redirect with “ALIAS” to my R2 Bucket Domain and it give ERROR 1001

So, another solution what i supose it’s correct and i can use, but it dons’t the goal; is use the Cloudflare workers and process the static files with them, Cloudflare provides a workers routing with personal domains. Any way, anyone have another solution? I would be very grateful

Sorry for my bad english, this is my first post without translate :sweat_smile:

Not currently, but public buckets with the ability to use your own domain will be coming very soon.


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