R2 bucket - Remove stale multipart upload parts

Hi, how can I remove stale multipart upload parts for a given bucket?

When parts of a Multipart upload are uploaded but not finished or aborted (for example when a user just closes the page) the parts are costing us money with no way of deleting them as the S3 ListMultipartUploads is not implemented.

What would be the current way to discover these stale parts and delete them?


I’m not aware of any way that you can without ListMultipartUploads being implemented.

I’ve requested clarification on this from the R2 team - AWS S3 does bill you for these in-progress uploads (Discovering and Deleting Incomplete Multipart Uploads to Lower Amazon S3 Costs | AWS Cloud Financial Management) but I’ll double-check if R2 does currently.

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It looks like it is currently billable, in-line with how S3 does it. If it’s currently affecting you and inflating your invoices, get in touch with the billing team and they should be able to help you out.

In the future, they’ll be cancelled automatically after 7 days of inactivity.

We’ve been refunding storage for people who are being billed and we’re working on adding an upper bound on automatically cancelling multipart uploads that haven’t been touched in 7 days going forward (once that’s done the refunds stop).

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Thanks for your help!
Do you know if the billing team will remove the stale chunks when refunding?
If not the same storage would get billed again and again…

Currently it is a “non-issue” for us as R2 is not in production and usage is low. But when we nominate it for production it surely will be one.