R2 Bucket Policy Internal Error 10001 (Internal Server Error 500) again

I’m seeing the same issue as described here: R2 Bucket Policy Internal Error 10001 (Internal Server Error 500)

Any explanation or fix for this? I created an R2 bucket in the restricted EU zone, and now I cannot access its settings page. I see popups saying internal error 10001, and in the console I see requests to /policy getting HTTP 500 replies. Regions of the settings page (like the section for enabling public access) remain greyed out.

This might have to do with the European Union Jurisdiction. I was able to create a normal unrestricted bucket without any issue. But both of the Euopean Union Jurisdiction buckets I have made have this issue.

Thanks for the report. I have escalated your issue.

Sorry you are dealing with this.

Would it be possible for you to open a ticket with us and share it here?

I would like to get a Har File, so we can review internally what is happening.

Unfortunately I’m on a free account, so I think I cannot open tickets for technical issues. I recorded a har file. Is there another way I can share it with you?

When I returned to my dashboard to record the har, I was no longer seeing the issue reported above with my old bucket. But I was easily able to reproduce the issue simply by creating a new bucket in the EU jurisdiction.