R2 bucket location


I’m trying to create an R2 bucket for storage of resources for US users. I’d like to place the storage in a US region, however I don’t seem to be able to do that in the dashboard.

I found Data location · Cloudflare R2 docs which describes “location hints” which seem like what I want, but again this doesn’t seem possible from the dashboard? Am I missing the obvious? The “Set hints via the Cloudflare dashboard”
section describes just creating a bucket so is maybe just misleading wording.

The example to create the bucket via the S3 API looks good, just was hoping to do it in the dashboard. I’ll create my buckets via the API.

Many thanks,

From the documentation you linked to:

#4: Under Location, leave None selected for automatic selection or choose a region from the list.

Oh I really missed the obvious here. Seems I had to select automatic before the option to providing the location hint appeared. Many thanks.

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