R2 bucket is set to public, but content is not accessible via web

I just created a R2 bucket, set it to have public access and even connected a sub-domain like static.website.com to this bucket.

Although the weird part is that i upload a file and whenever i try to access it via web, i get Authorization error.

What could it be wrong?

Does it work from the public bucket URL? Something like https://pub-BUCKETCODE.r2.dev/

@sdayman Not sure, the bucket URL is https://c0124673f211a2f5f41831530070d65e.r2.cloudflarestorage.com/twbucket and i have uploaded a logo image which is available here: https://c0124673f211a2f5f41831530070d65e.r2.cloudflarestorage.com/twbucket/logo.webp

The custom subdomain is static.trackerway.com if that helps!

That’s not the public bucket URL. That’s the S3 endpoint that needs an API key to access.

The public bucket name is in the Bucket Access section:

The good news is that yours works:


Feel a bit stupid, hehe! Thanks a million!

Quick additional info: I run a medium size SaaS with clients located ALL around the world. Shall i move my images, CSS and JS files to R2? Will, it has any actual difference in speed since i already use Edge Cache to be one month?

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