R2 bucket error: get: Reduce your rate of simultaneous reads on the same object. (10058)

I have a cron trigger that executes every 30 minutes. It uses a single invocation of R2 bucket.get(key). This works great, however I noticed an error in the logs for one of the trigger executions:

get: Reduce your rate of simultaneous reads on the same object. (10058)

Seemed to be a transient error because it hasn’t happened before or since.

Question: I couldn’t find any information on the web for this error. Is there a listing of all the R2 error codes somewhere?

New one I saw today:

get: We encountered an internal connectivity issue. Please try again. (10001)

Both of these sounds like one-off errors. Do you have a retry built in to your script?

I do, but only for errors I know I can retry. I was hoping to get a more comprehensive list from the Cloudflare team to bolster my retry logic proactively rather than waiting to discover all the different transient errors.

It’s much easier to retry get operations. put ops would require cloning the request body which is wasteful in most cases so I let put errors bubble all the way to the client and retry them there.

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You might pop over to the Discord server. There’s an R2 channel you might get a better list from.

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Here’s the discord post for anyone visiting here:

At this time there hasn’t been a Cloudflare employee response. A community member mentioned other folks were gathering error codes, for example:

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Thanks for posting. It’s the weekend, so it may be a little while before an employee sees it. But the link here helps. We can try to escalate that for a better response during the work week if it doesn’t get any traction.

oh - no worries, didn’t mean it that way- the discord post is from Friday, I should have linked it here sooner. No need to escalate.

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