R2 bucket access for a specific domain only, but not public access

Is this possible to configure a bucket on R2 which is accessible only via https://exmaple.com.
e.g. https://exmaple.com/bucket/object.mp4 is not publicly accessible but access only on this domain.

You’re asking if you can use S3 with the Custom Domain, but not enable public access? If so, the S3 Compatability API is only available through r2.cloudflarestorage.com. Custom Domains are just a simple way to publicly serve the contents of a bucket. You can’t use Presigned URLs or s3 compact through them.

If your question is just if you can restrict the accessibility of assets on a Custom Domain, the easiest way would probably be to use a Worker, bound to the R2 Bucket, using Worker Custom Domains, and only serve index.html/a few specific assets you want (or just make a separate bucket).

Dont want to use worker.
Looking for something like which we have with Cloudlfare Stream “AllowedDomains”: [abc.com] feature which allows access to the object within this allowedDomain configuration only. and the domain still remains with cloudfare.com.
Let me know if this is possible with R2 ?