R2 Bandwidth limits

I have a question regarding Cloudflare R2. It is mentioned that there are no egress charges, but is there any hard/soft limit?

I am currently using BunnyCDN to serve short videos (the curent bandwidth usage is around 700-900TB/month). If I switch to Cloudflare R2 + Workers, would I have to pay for anything else apart from the $15/TB storage fees and the charges for workers? My storage usage is around 4TB.

You also need to pay per Class A/Class B operation.



Yeah, that is fine, forgot to mention it earlier. Just curious if the bandwidth would be an issue. Couldn’t find anything in the ToS pertaining to this yet.

There’s never any ‘hard’ limits in regards to bandwidth for the most part in the terms - you might get a nudge from Sales about moving onto an Enterprise plan if you’re using enough to warrant that conversation?

https://www.cloudflare.com/supplemental-terms/#cloudflare-developer-platform is as close as you’ll get (point 3) but I’d just speak to Sales if you want a concrete answer.