R2 10001 error (99% it's cloudflare bug)

I have R2 bucket named ‘mega-www’

After i created a “Pages” project with the same name ‘mega-www’
I have no access to all my R2 buckets at all with constant error message
on /api/v4/accounts/…21f46ad615c5e…/r2/buckets?per_page=20
{“success”:false,“errors”:[{“code”:10001,“message”:“We encountered an internal error. Please try again.”}],“messages”:,“result”:null}

I removed “Pages” project but the error is still here =(

  1. I have “paid” R2 account but can’t access support

  2. there is no R2 in ‘support subjects’ at all

What to do ? How to get access to my R2 ?

How to access support ? =)

Cloudflare is aware of these issues and working on them, nothing on the status page yet though. It’s not just you.
They do have this incident up:

It’s not about objects retrieving latency… the objects inside buckets are ok
It’s about access to buckets and their settings.
But it looks like it is also affected
thank you

Yes, it wasn’t just latency, the status page did only specify latency though.
It should be starting to recover now. Personally, I can now access my R2 bucket page/settings without issue.

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Yes now it works

So the final conclusion of today events is that R2 service is a “service without support” =(

It works until it works =)

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