Qwik Worker Page doesn't work on custom domain

I’ve been building a small web experience with Qwik, but for some reason it work on local development, local preview, on the Cloudflare Pages provided domain, but it doesn’t on a custom subdomain of mine.

It loads but when the useVisibleTask$ tries to execute it will throw an error.

I’ve tried to debug with no success. I noticed that on the provided domain the page is evaluated and resumable. But on custom domain it is half way evaluated. It doesn’t contain <!--qv q:id=0 q:key=3scc:pY_0--> or similar ssr resumable data for some reason. Maybe something is stripping them?

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I resolved it! It was a Speed Optimization - Auto Minify HTML from Cloudflare, I created a custom rule for my page.

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You are a life saver, thank you SO MUCH!