Quit Cloudflare

Hello, I set up Cloudflare by linking it to ovh, my host, some time ago. Now I want to stop and switch my dns zone back to ovh’s, but I don’t know how to do it. When, on ovh, I put back the ovh dns zone, and I remove the “milan.ns.clouudflare.com” and “nucum”, my website bugs and is not secure anymore. I don’t understand. Can you please help me? Thank you.

It sounds like you might have been using an insecure SSL/TLS mode on Cloudflare and that you didn’t have a certificate on your server. That’s something you’d need to address at OVH, when the nameservers don’t point to Cloudflare thery are no longer involved.


Thank you very much. Indeed, SSL is not enabled on OVH. I will point OVH to the classic servers (and not to the Cloudflare servers) and recommend an SSL. Is that it?

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