Quickest way to get cloudflare worker on new custom domain

I’d like to deploy my workers on a custom domain that I own. Unfortunately I don’t have any domains I wish to transfer.

Does this mean I need to buy a domain from somewhere else (like 1&1), wait 60 days, then transfer it? Is there anyway I could buy a domain and transfer it today?

ICANN rules prohibit a domain from being transferred if it has been transferred within the last 60 days or if the WHOIS contact information was modified in the last 60 days (even if redacted).

source: https://developers.cloudflare.com/registrar/transfer-instructions/oneandone/

You don’t need to transfer any domains to Cloudflare’s Registrar, however you do need to change the nameservers to the ones Cloudflare gives you when you add your website. Workers and every other Cloudflare feature requires that you do this nameserver change unless you subscribe to the business plan.

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