Quic will be renamed to "HTTP/3"

To address this, I’d like to suggest that – after coordination with the HTTP WG – we rename our the HTTP document to “HTTP/3”, and using the final ALPN token “h3”. Doing so clearly identifies it as another binding of HTTP semantics to the wire protocol – just as HTTP/2 did – so people understand its separation from QUIC.

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Isnt QUIC supposed to be a semi-successor of TCP? So they admit defeat to HTTP as universal protocol now?! :smile:

Not sure about that wouldn’t there be 2 development paths

  1. HTTP/2 > HTTP/3 etc
  2. QUIC > QUIC/2 > QUIC/3 etc

or isn’t there anything more to add to HTTP/2 to worth using HTTP/3 as it’s successor ?

The protocol that’s been called HTTP-over-QUIC for quite some time has now changed name and will officially become HTTP/3 .

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