Quic/HTTP3 server proxied behind Cloudflare Quic/HTTP3 best practice?

Hey everyone. So I’m thinking of implementing Cloudflare’s nginx http3 plugin on a server that would then also be proxied through Cloudflare w/ http3 turned on. The first sever would also have gzip, etc.

Is this recommended? Would this require Cloudflare to do more work (aka, UDP translation)? Would it actually slow things down?

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There’d be little point. Cloudflare does not connect to the origin via anything else than HTTP 1.1.


Hey @wblackwell !
That is really awesome, and would be great you post your results with any experiments here!
From my side, the only I can tell for the moment, that the implementation is still experimental and it’s likely to have bugs as posted here:

You should also be aware what @sandro wrote, and be sure to test any website on staging level and not live

got it.


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