Questions regarding "Email Security DNS Wizard" and "Email" section

Been recently requesting access to this new Email option from Cloudflare because it sounds like a promising feature to use.
But I do have some questions. The most important one is: How exactly would this work?

When I understand the text correctly would Cloudflare essentially give an option for me to define a Email such as [email protected] and mails send to this would then be redirected towards a mailbox/mail provider I defined? Like mails going to [email protected] would be send to [email protected]?
If that isn’t the case, how could I imagine the actual setup to work?

Another topic I would appreciate answers for is the new “Email Security DNS Wizard” which just showed up in my DNS settings.
I never really worked with Email-related DNS records, so some explanation regarding SPF and DMARC policies would be appreciated as I would like to keep my domains secured and protected against possible abuse.

It’s just a “dumb” forwarder for domains with no mail service. You tell Cloudflare which address you want forwarded, and the final destination. Then you verify the destination with Cloudflare. From then on, when someone emails you at that address at your domain, the message gets forwarded to your regular mailbox on some other domain, like has some good information under their “Why DMARC” header menu.


If you click “Help” on the Wizard panel you will find plenty of useful links.


Only if you happen to already have access to this feature. But here are the links from image above:


When will this Wizard be available to Pro accounts?

They’re not even done rolling them out to free plans, so I wouldn’t expect it to expand up the plan levels for a while. There are about a bazillion free plans, and probably 10% paid plans. Maybe after they work out any kinks in the free plans, they’ll hit a big button that will activate it for all the paid plans.

I have 60+ domains managed in Cloudflare, and am starting to see it on some, but not all.

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Appreciate the answers I got here.

One thing that remains unclear tho is, whether I got access to the Email forwarder thing, or if I still have to wait, or if I got rejected.
The page about it is very unclear. The apply button was greyed out for a while but now it’s clickable again and I’m not sure if my beta-join request has been approved or denied for that matter…

So if anyone here has an idea on how I could check this would I appreciate if they share it.

I think I found the issue and it is rather embarrassing for me. I simply checked the wrong domain each time… I applied on another domain but later always checked the one I used the most, so no surprise the button wasn’t greyed out.

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