Questions on cloudflare statistics (visitors and percent cached)


I have just activated Clouflare via my host (Hostinger) about 7 days ago.
I am wondering why my percent cached is only 25% over thosz 7 days ? Is it a normal number ?

Also, In the past 24h it shows 2.8k unique visitors… but my google analytics is more around 0.6k… is it normal too ?

Thank you

That’s not unheard of. The higher the traffic, the better that number will get due to constant use of the cache.

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Yeah I understand that, but 25% is really low…

Thanks for the Cloudflare Analytics link :wink:

Try to use Dr Flare extension to see which resource is not cached:

ok thank you… it is very useful !

Using this extension, I can see that only 20 to 30% of requests are proxied via Cloudflare…
But I don’t understand why… shouldn’t everything be proxied by CLoudflare ?
Some pictures are but other aren’t… why ?

Did you mean, the rest of the requests are shown under “Non Cloudflare”? image

How many “Cached Requests” and “Uncached Requests” do you have? image

I see 20 cached requests
24 uncached requests
82 Non cloudflare requests

Looks like you have a lot of resources pointing to other domains.

Try to investigate what are the uncached requests - whether they are CSS, JS or image files.

Once you identify cacheable items, refer to the documentation below to create page rules so that they can be cached:

ok thanks
non cloudflare requests points to Google (fonts, ads…)

uncached are essentialy image/jpeg… but I don’t understand why

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