Questions about WordPress APO on selectively enabling

I was wondering if anyone can answer a few questions related to WordPress APO. I haven’t bought it yet but I am considering it. It’s yet clear to me how it works, whether it enables for everything or if it’s selectively enabled only for certain parts via a plugin or something.

If I have a site in CF and I only want the WordPress APO to be activated on sub1/ but not anywhere else on domain. Is this possible?

I have multiple WordPress installations and non-WordPress content on this domain. I only want the APO for two subdomains.

Thanks for the assist.

@yevgen knows for sure, and I did test out an option to run APO on a subdomain. I suspect you can run multiple APOs within a zone. The only mystery to me is if one would ever do a Purge Everything for the entire zone.

As they use their own set of headers, the actual caching aspect won’t interfere with anything else, as only that site’s requests are sending the relevant headers.

Running APO only on selected list of subdomains is supported, please follow the instructions.

In a nutshell you need to install CF WordPress plugin on sub1/sub2 subdomains separately and enable APO for both in the plugins.

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