Questions about using Cloudflare as CDN

I’m new to Cloudflare and I want to use Cloudflare as CDN with B2 Backblaze. I’ve read a few Q&A but my poor English reading comprehension prevent me from understanding.

I have successfully update my domain to Cloudflare.

Eventually, I will have a website at the above domain and I would like to use B2 Backblaze + Cloudflare to serve my media which users upload for contents.

  1. After reading some Q&A and [this](, I can not understand if Cloudflare would allow me to use B2 Backblaze to serve media on the front and maybe some internal files in administration mode, will I violate this terms?

  2. If I’m allowed to do so, Backblaze stated that there will be no download fee if I serve files through Cloudflare workers because of the partnership. Is that true?

  3. I’ve successfully deployed a worker to test if it can connect to B2 Backblaze and it works fine. However I cannot seem to use CNAME from my DNS settings (my provider panel) to point to the *** or even the route “” in Cloudflare settings, am I doing it wrong?

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