Questions about UDP and Gaming Servers ( Proxied vs DNS )

Hi, I’m hosting a private gaming server on my domain ( using subdomain CNAME ) and the server only uses a UDP port 8211 ( main common port for that game ) for connection … everything works for a couple of days as Proxied subdomain.

Then it suddenly stopped !!! after searching here in old posts discovered that Cloudflare doesn’t support custom ports when proxied is activated !!!

I’ve switched that only subdomain to DNS and everything works perfectly.

so my questions are :question:

1- Why it worked with that port when proxied enabled at the beginning of my configuration for a couple of days if Cloudflare doesn’t? it shouldn’t right?

2- is there a list of supported ports by Cloudflare that I can try reactivate proxied with?

3- How safe is my current setup when DNS has been enabled and my public IP is not protected, routed, or whatever the correct terms is?

4- Is there any workaround to be able to access that port and have the proxied option been enabled and my ip been safe?


Thank you for asking.

May I ask if you’re using a free or a paid plan? :thinking:

Possibly, Cloudflare systems didn’t reacted at the start since the type and the amount of the traffic at the beginning was low, however later it came across the limits, therefore service stopped working as non-HTTP traffic was going over the proxied :orange: public hostname.

Only HTTP(S) traffic on know ports which can be found at the list from article below:

Otherwise, I’d suggest you to use unproxied :grey: (DNS only), or paid plan and feature like Cloudflare Spectrum to get the UDP port, which requires Enterprise plan as it can be read at the link below:

Having the hostname unproxied, your origin host is exposed to the public Internet.
From my experience, since UDP, you’re not in a great position if someone wants to crash your origin host. Hopefully, you do have some kind of a system and security measurements to rate limit requests via iptables and fail2ban at the origin host.

Since it’s an custom port and UDP, you could give it a try via Cloudflared tunnel, if so.

However, again, I’d suggest you Cloudflare Spectrum for such cases.

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