Questions about paying for Cloudflare services (Cloudflare worker, image resizing)

Hi there. I have the following questions, because I could not find a clear answer. Can you please give answers/hints/advice ?

Cloudflare Image Resizing
Situation (for example): I have a Pro Plan and use Cloudflare image resizing.


  1. I understand that 50,000 free Cloudflare Image Resizing requests are included with the Pro plan, correct ?
  2. 50,000 free requests are they only for uncached image resizing ?
  3. If the limit of 50,000 requests is exceeded, the following requests of 50,000 requests are provided and the amount of funds per month increases, even if the next all 50,000 requests are not used? Is it possible that the amount is calculated each time from the number of used requests, but based on the condition 50,000 requests - 9$ ?
  4. Does Cloudflare Image Resizing use any additional services that you need to pay for ? (It means by default some services, or something for correct operation, well, that is, something that the user himself did not buy additionally, but it came in the kit).
  5. If I make a request for an image with width=300 and width=600 it will count as 2 separate requests, right ? And they will both be cached ? And does the cache save data for only 5 days or how does it happen ?
  6. Are there any additional charges for using caching ?

Cloudflare Worker + Image Resizing
Situation (for example): I have a Pro Plan and use Cloudflare image resizing. I need to process 1 picture in different widths (eg 300px, 480px, 720px, 1024px, 1600px). Accordingly, I understand that these will be 5 separate requests. Not knowing how cache works in Cloudflare, I decided to write a worker (hoping it would reduce the number of Image Resizing requests) that would check if such an image has been processed and is in the cache, if not, I process it and store it.


  1. While testing the worker, I noticed that the requests are counted incorrectly. I made 15-20 requests and everything was fine at first, but after a few minutes without making requests - there were 100 of them. Why so ? How then does the Worker count the number of requests ?
  2. Worker gives 100,000 free requests per day. If the limit is reached, does the worker stop working ? Is it possible to automatically switch to the Paid package? Also, is the amount of money calculated in advance for the paid package or does it count in relation to the used requests ?
  3. How to understand “Minimum charge of $5/mo”? Because $0.15/million requests per month is indicated on the website. That is, if 2 million requests are enough for me = $0.3 - then I will still pay $5 a month ?

Thank you for now.