Questions about migrating website to cloudways and what to change in cloudflare DNS


I have migrated my wordpress site to Cloudways and I just want to make sure I have changed the correct things in the cloudflare DNS settings.

I have changed the A autoconfig and A autodiscover records to the new cloudways server IP. Also the A to the new IP as well as A www to the new IP.

There are SRV records that still point to my old host (namecheap) that are like this… do I need to change these or can they be deleted?

Is there a way to test that my domain is pointing to the cloudways server and not to my old domain still?


If you’re not using whatever service SRV responds to, you can delete that record, but I suggest you take a screenshot of all the fields before you delete it.

If you have file access at the new server, you can create a hello.txt file that says “Hello World” and upload it to the root directory of your website. Then browse to and see if you get that text.

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